Supporting small businesses βœŒπŸΌοΈπŸŒ

Since becoming a regular instagram user after having my daughter, I found it a fantastic tool to speak to other mummys with babies of similar ages, offering and gaining advice and supporting one another. This was again one of the main incentives for me to start my blog in a hope to help others, hopefully also entertaining you all along the way!

During this time I have developed a passion to support small businesses generally founded and run by fellow mummies from all around the world. There truly are some talented people out there, who definitely are not as recognised as they should be. 

Human beings are definitely creatures of habit, we do things for a easy life and the convience factor. But in doing so we are funding some CEO of a massive organisations next holiday or new sports car. Buying things from chain stores may seem a ‘safer’ option, but ask yourself why? If we all looked around a little bit more, there are some fantastic handmade and unique products out there right under our noses and guess what? they are made by ordinary mummys just like you and I!

So I set you a challenge, next time your looking to buy a Christmas present or birthday gift, take a few minutes to have a look at the less obvious places. Drop me a comment on here with any you find or currently know of and let’s support small businesses together ✌🏼️🌍






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