Christmas planning…

I know it’s early, so please don’t hate me. But the Christmas countdown is soon to be on… you’ll have noticed Christmas cards, decorations and other festive treats popping up in shops around towns and cities all over the country. 

I always believe there are 2 types of people at Christmas, those who are super organised and buy presents here and there well in advance and those who leave it last minute Christmas Eve style shopping. 

Some of you might already know but for those who haven’t Toys R Us have introduced a fabulous solution this year for mummies and daddy’s who like to be organised but also want to spread the cost without using credit cards or paying interest. 

‘A Christmas payment plan at Toys R Us means parents can get what they need now and spend the next three months paying for it. The layaway programme Take Time to Pay allows families to fill up a trolley with whatever they want and spread the cost between now and the big day.There is no credit check and the goods are kept at the store until they’re paid for – meaning parents don’t have to worry about storing them safely away from those eagle eyes.The plan requires a 20 per cent deposit at time of set up plus a £5 administration fee, but no interest rates are charged.’

Payments are set up when the deposit is made, they must be at least monthly but can also be made more often. The fact that they also store all presents for you is another great feature in this deal, as it stops sneaky children searching the house for a little peap at their presents!

Just thought I’d pop this on my blog for those that weren’t already aware, hope it helps guys! 

Holly x


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