Day trip to Matlock Bath

Just a short little post but thought I would share today’s adventures with you all before I get myself too bed, if anyone’s thinking of going and what to know anymore drop me a message 😊 

Today we decided to take a trip out to Matlock bath in Derbyshire, England (for this reading my blog from other countries). I’ve grown up as a child taking trips to the countryside and I hope that Ella will grow to love it just as I did and still do! Derbyshire is one of my favourite places, I just think it’s so beautiful it gives you a strong reminder of the picturesque places we have in this country. 

So it took us about 50 minutes in our house in South Yorkshire, once there we got parked and started to explore. We took our own picnic with us however there are plenty of places to eat, lots of fish and chip restaurants and 2/3 pubs that served food. As it was almost lunch time and my daughter was hungry we took a walk by the river bank over the famous jubilee bridge to find an appropriate picnic spot. 

There are some lovely woodland walks around, not all suitable for prams if you have younger babies or toddlers who aren’t keen on walking, but there’s some lovely little walks down by the river bank. We decided to take a trip up ‘heights of Abraham’ on the cable car, under 5s were free but adults were £15 each we thought this was very pricey if I’m honest but we went ahead anyway. The views were breathtaking looking into the valleys and my daughter loved the cable car (no fear at all and she’s only just 2), the £15 ticket gives you ‘free’ access into all facilities at the top. There’s a couple of adventure playgrounds up there as well too keep the little ones occupied. It’s not something we would do again specially with it being quite pricey, plus other than the playgrounds Ella didn’t really enjoy it, but we were glad we went! 

Here are some photos from today:

Holly x


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