Puddle jumpers! 

Before going on holiday I knew I needed to buy a floatation device for my little girl that she would love being in and that was safe, yet meant she could have independence in the water. I looked around for ages as I just wanted to make sure what I did but was right for her. 

My daughters a very confident and independent little girl, on our past holidays she’s always wanted to be in the water without being held and always hated her little baby float. The puddle jumper has given her so much independence and I’ve seen how it’s built her confidence in the water over the past few days. It’s helped support her head and neck in the water and taught her to kick her legs at the back to stop her head going in the water and to also swim along. They adjust at the back of the floatation device size accordingly and come in all different designs and colours, perfect for toddlers and older children who need that independence in the water but also need an aid to hold them up. 

I’m so glad I bought one and did plenty of research before had its allowed my daughter to really enjoy having her independence in the water whilst we’ve been on holiday which has made her experience of water much better as well and her confidence in water has rocketed. As a timid swimmer myself as a child, infact timid is a understatement I absolutely hated water kicking and screaming every time my parents took me too my swimming lessons I really wanted my little girl to enjoy water and not be scared of it. This device helped me to relax more as well knowing that she was safe in the water, even though she was of course never left alone it still put me at ease. 

I’d recommend this product to anyone with a toddler like mine, who’s very independent, doesn’t want to be held in water and very active I’d definitely recommend one! Even for toddlers and children who are not very confident in the water as its brought my daughters confidence on so so much its unreal.

Really hope this helps other mummy’s and daddy’s out there.

Holly x 


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