It’s okay to want a break…

One of the things I’ve really struggled with since Ella has been born is leaving her with other people, firstly there’s only a handful of people I would trust to look after my baby (which is sure is perfectly normal. But even when I’ve been really stressed and known I’ve needed some time I’ve stopped myself from having it, especially in the early days. Breastfeeding didn’t always help as it did resist how long I could go places but thinking back I should have expressed more and taken the opportunities for a break that people where trying to give me. Not many people know this but even now when I leave her I  try and talk myself out of it, I make excuses and get very very anxious. which is strange because I leave her at nursery and although I miss her so much I don’t get half as anxious.  

But you no what remember that the first time I left her and I felt so refreshed and much happier all ready to be super mum again. Being a parent is stressful and nobody can say any different, being a parent definitely puts you through the motions of emotion. It has taught me that it doesn’t make you a bad mum because you want to have a long shower or a hot cup of tea just once in a while so if anyone is offering to help grab that opportunity with both hands and run with it. This is what even now I have to prepare myself with otherwise I get all worked up.  

Mum guilt is real people and it comes in many different thoughts, feelings and scenarios.

I know this post has been a bit of a ramble but I don’t know how I properly feel myself, I just needed a bit of an outlet. I also wanted to get it out their to new mums, or mums with toddlers, who feel a little overwhelmed or stressed that it is normal, everyone goes through this just some hide it better than others.

Holly x




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