Useful tips when holidaying abroad with babies/toddlers…

I absolutely LOVE traveling! I always have! From the anticipation weeks before, to driving to the airport and arriving at your holiday destination. Since my daughter has been born we’ve been abroad 3 times and due to go again in 2 weeks time. It is a completely different experience traveling with a baby! I learned a LOT and thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks on how to travel with a toddler. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you travel with your toddler.

I first took my daughter abroad when she was 11 months back in May 15, we booked the first choice holiday village in lanzarote through recommendation of a friend. I was so so SO nervous before we went, I remember searching the Internet for tips and advice when travelling with a baby. Would she be ok on the plane? How was should deal with the heat? Will she eat any food over there? My mum even said to me at one point are you sure you should be going when your worrying this much! My daughter was 11 months when we travelled abroad, I wasn’t sterilising her bottles at home anymore but I decided due to the change in water and different bacterias I’d feel more comfortable taking sterilising equipment. So I’ve taken sterilising bags and a mini Milton steriliser as she’s gotten older. I’ll pop some photos in this post, but I’d fully recommend either of these products. 

Another worry I had was occupying my daughter on the plane journey, each time we’ve travelled it’s been around a 4 hour flight. I thought to myself my daughter won’t sit down for 5 minutes let alone 4 hours how am I going to occupy her. So in her trunky I packed it wisely: new toys she hadn’t seen before, you don’t have to spend much I just got some cheapy bits. Snacks, fruit flakes and little boxes of raisins were the best as they take her a while to eat and therefore keep her occupied longer. Books were another thing I found worked well, my daughter loves books so I took a few of her favourites. The last time we went away my iPad was a real hit, I downloaded peppa pig and Ben and holly before we went (these are the only ones she’ll watch) they definitely kept her occupied for a while. 

Every time ive gone abroad with my daughter we’ve visited the first choice holiday villages, if highly recommend these hotels for family’s and children. We’ve done lanzarote, Cyprus, Rhodes and turkey in 2 weeks time. I’d say choose wisely based on your little ones age/s 😊 

Always make lists otherwise you will forget something, don’t listen to others and pack less because they tell you your ‘overpacking’ trust me you can never overpack with a child! Plan plan and more planning is the key!

If you wish to share your holidaying with a toddler or baby stories then feel free to email me- 😊


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