The type of mother I am and the type of mother I always thought I would be.

So ive decided to do a post about the type of mother I am, and the type of mother I always thought I would be.
Before I had Ella, I’ll be honest I was never really interested in other people’s children and didn’t have many small children in my family. I always new I wanted a child but I said I just wanted the one.
Post having my daughter If I was in a supermarket or out at a shopping centre and I saw a screaming baby/child, shamefully I was one of those people who would have thought something along the lines of ‘control your child’ or ‘give them something to make them happy’. Even typing that now I feel awful 🙈 How judgemental was I and how easy is it to think that! These are the things I believed I would do when I became a parent:
1. Never give my baby/children chocolate/sweets

2. I wouldn’t be so ridged with a routine

3. My children would never share my bed and would always sleep in the cot/Moses basket 

4. I would get up every morning early doors and do every feed myself 

5. I would never shout or get angry

6. I wouldn’t be one of those parents who talk about there children all the time even when there not there 

7. We would blissfully sit around watching Disney movies and baby tv all day

The reality of the mummy I really am…
1. My daughter has a cows milk allergy so I can’t give her chocolate, however I do occasionally bribe her with a biccy or dairy free buttons if we are out for a snack.

2. I’ve had a excellent routine with Ella from day 1 and I honestly believe that’s why she’s slept through from 8 weeks (apart from the odd night) I’m very strict with the routine and if she falls out of it, I worry and get upset 🙈 it terrifies me for when I go back to work.

3. Ella has shared many nights in bed with me, even though I swore I would never allow this. When I was breastfeeding it was so much easier and I loved the bond.

4. I always did the majority of feeds as I breastfed Ella, although when I started to wean her onto formula I would share the load with her daddy.

5. The only times I really get upset is when she does things over and over that could potentially hurt herself. I always feel bad after if I shout at her, but I believe from a young age it’s important to introduce words like ‘no’ as they begin to learn what is safe and what isn’t. It’s so hard at times when she looks over me with a cheeky grin or giggles and I’m trying my best not to laugh or smile back.

6. I always talk about my daughter, but I can’t help it and don’t care if it’s annoying she’s the most important thing in my life. Even when I’m apart from her which isn’t often she’s still the main thing I talk about, she’s just amazing 🙊💜

7. This does not happen, or if it does its a rare occurance. Ella has been crawling since 5 and a half months, standing from 6 and ever since she learnt she could move I’m lucky to watch 30 mins of hollyoaks unless she’s snoozing! 

Just looking at my daughters face, her beautiful smiles makes me feel so proud of her and proud of myself, we can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting her and saying she’s the smiliest/happiest baby they’ve ever seen. ❤️
Feel free to post any comments below ☺️Love Holly x


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