Car seat problems..

Thought I’d share this fabulous little buy with you all incase you’ve had the same problem as us! 

So recently whenever we’ve been in the car Ella’s been pulling her arms out the straps in her car seat no matter how I put her in, we were on the motorway and she managed to get out… It terrified me so I thought enoughs enough I’m buying her a new car seat!

Until a lady I know mentioned she’d had the same problem with her son and that she had bought one of these. I was sceptical as it cost me Β£10 for a strap which until using it I never really believed it would work if I’m honest but I thought it was worth a go!

Fast forward to when it arrived and WOW as much as she didn’t like it to start with its amazing, it works and I feel so much safer taking her out in the car now.

I’d recommend to any other parents having a similar problem to what I had!


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